2004-08-03 08:52:07����toran ����[all] OL���, OL�, OL�, OL��……
2004-08-04 15:18:53����Blackneto ����[all] somebody needs to be captain
2004-08-04 15:19:08����Blackneto ����[all] ignore that

2004-08-06 00:25:31����dragloon ����[all] hail the champs ..after a long and biter fought battle ..the underdogs were able to scrape through although badly damaged and under constant fir
2004-08-06 04:54:03����toran ����[all] yay, thanks for the game everybot, go new germstria !!
2004-08-06 05:02:26����Robo Control ����toran LOGGED OUT of the game
2004-08-06 10:36:19����qzhdad ����wow [all] that is depressing
2004-08-06 10:37:00����qzhdad ����grats to [all] the blue bots
2004-08-06 10:37:25����qzhdad ����Americans aren’t supposed to be able to play soccer anyway [all] 🙂
2004-08-06 10:37:36����Robo Control ����qzhdad LOGGED OUT of the game