Fri May 7 21:20dragloondont think so but an interesting experiment
Fri May 7 22:06zoracYeah, I made this ship out of spite when I was reading the discussion on over-using board elements.
Fri May 7 22:06zoracI expected it to play horribly, but was pleasantly surprised by the test game in progress.
Fri May 7 22:07zoracThis test is to see if scanners can handle the ship, or if they render it unplayable.
Sat May 8 19:21devjoenow since you guys took my 3 top bot choices I have to remember that I’m Vladimir this game
Sat May 8 21:06FuzzyHuh.
Sat May 8 21:32FuzzyI’m forseeing a lot of virtuality.
Sun May 9 00:13zoracI may never submit this as a prototype, but I will always enjoy the many deaths we’re about to watch these scanners suffer.
Sun May 9 01:31dragloonim biting my lip here dammit there worse than being vlad could be mrty and have to face the wrong way
Sun May 9 17:41dragloon  wooo this is way stuffed check the log i got burnt on 3 when i was on the beam and then the beams didnt move me
Sun May 9 17:43dragloonoops found it dam airlock had a docking arm i didnt see
Thu May 13 16:42Robo Controldevjoe reports hull integrity at 12% (1/8)
Sun May 16 23:52Robo ControlScanner4 reports hull integrity at 25% (2/8)
Mon May 17 07:15devjoeuh oh the scanners are winning
Wed May 19 22:25zoracCool!
Thu May 20 22:01Robo ControlScanner4 reports hull integrity at 37% (3/8)