Tired of being a hull scrubber?

Join the EyePlay Elite and design your own StarShip with StarShip Builder 2.

StarShip Builder arms you with the tools you need to design the ultimate StarShip. Its drag’n drop interface is so intuitive that even a Scanner Class robo could design a state of the art vessel. To see a screenshot, Click Here.

When your StarShip is ready to launch, use your Space Dock to upload it to the EyePlay Games server, and use it in your next Robo Runner match.


StarShip Builder 2 changes everything! Now you can build StarShips anywhere!

StarShip Builder 2 was written from the ground up to be able to run on any platform which supports Sun’s Java v1.4, including: Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Our development team didn’t stop there. Not only can StarShip Builder 2 do everything that the previous generation could do, but building StarShips is now easier and more fun then ever, with new features like:

  • Cross Platform Support: run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
  • Copy/Paste: Copy and paste StarShip regions.
  • Undo/Redo History: Undo up to 20 recent changes at once.
  • StarShip Inspector: Automatically inspect your ship for common design flaws.
  • Printing: Print out a color hardcopy of your designs.
  • Xpak Support: Use your Xpaks to build a StarShip, Desert, or Dungeon.
  • Rotate & Flip: Rotate and flip your ship.
  • Dynamic Grid Sizing: add or remove rows and columns.
  • Recent Ships: easily locate and load recent StarShip designs.
  • StarShip Class Modes: build any class of StarShip: Runner, Recon, or Arena.
  • Thrusters: apply the latest StarShip technology to your designs.
  • User Interface Improvements: several improvements were made to the general interface to make the building experience more intuitive.
  • and more…


Download your copy of StarShip Builder now, and bring your design ideas to life.

StarShip Builder 2 requires version 1.4 of Sun Microsystems Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to run on your computer.

For the Windows platform, you have the option of either installing the runtime environment separately (if it is not installed already), or downloading a single bundle which includes StarShip Builder and the 1.4 JRE. The bundle will naturally be much larger, but it may be more convenient and may work more reliably on your system.

For all other platforms, if you don’t already have JRE 1.4 installed, please download and install it prior to executing StarShip Builder.

Download Java Here

StarShip Builder 2 shares its image library with Xpaks. One of the very cool features of version 2 is that it lets you dynamically switch from one Xpak to another, letting you build a starship, desert, or dungeon.

Make sure you have the latest Xpaks installed.

Download Xpak Here

StarShip Builder 2.01

WindowsDownload with JRE15.6MB
WindowsDownload without JRE2.6MB
Mac OS XDownload without JRE2.2MB
LinuxDownload without JRE2.6MB

Upload Your StarShip

Before you upload your StarShip, make sure it adheres to the StarShip Design Principles.

When you’re ready to play a game using your newly designed StarShip, use your Space Dock to upload it to the EyePlay Games server.

Uploading is restricted to EyePlay Elite members only.