Each Elite Member has their own Space Dock which enables them to create and maintain a private squad of Experimental StarShips, track their favorite Prototype and Fleet StarShips, and manage their own Prototypes for eventual addition to the Robo Runner Fleet.

A Space Dock is equipped with forty two docking bays:

  • 20 Public Docking Bays: for docking existing Fleet and Prototype StarShips
  • 20 Private Docking Bays: for your private squad of Experimental StarShips
  • 2 Prototype Docking Bays: for your Prototype StarShips

With your own fully operational Space Dock in orbit, you can quickly and easily create the kinds of games you want, and help build the ultimate Fleet.

Public Docking Bays

The 20 Public Docking Bays are used to dock your favorite StarShips in the Fleet or Prototypes.

To dock a StarShip in a Public Docking Bay, you use the SEND TO SPACE DOCK button found on the StarShips page:

If you have Public Docking Bays available, this will instantly dock the selected StarShip with your Space Dock.

To remove a StarShip from a Public Docking Bay, simply select it so that it is visible in your StarShip viewer, and press the DELETE button:

Private Docking Bays

The 20 Private Docking Bays are used to upload your StarShips created using StarShip Builder.

Each time you upload a StarShip with a unique name, it is docked in an available bay.

If the StarShip name is the same as one of your other Private StarShips, then it is considered to be a new version of an existing ship, and the new version replaces the old (using the same docking bay).

A StarShip can be uploaded from your computer to your Docking Bay by pressing the UPLOAD button, near the top of the page:

A StarShip can be deleted from your Private Docking Bay (and the EyePlay Games server) by pressing DELETE button when the ship is visible in your StarShip viewer:

StarShips which reside in your Private Docking Bays are considered to be experimental. Games played with Experimental StarShips do not affect your Robo Rank statistics in any way.

No other player has access to your Space Dock or Experimental StarShips, so only you can create a game using them.

If you would like your Experimental StarShip to become one of the official Robo Runner Fleet (to allow others to create games with them, and game statistics to be affective), you must first make it ready for evaluation by the StarShip Design Committee, by pressing the READY button:

Pressing the READY button moves the StarShip from your Private Docking Bay to an available Prototype Bay. This frees-up a Private Bay for another StarShip.

Note that there is no way to move the StarShip from a Prototype Bay to a Private Bay. If you want to do this, then you must delete the Prototype, and then upload it into a Private Docking Bay.

Prototype Bays

Prototypes get listed on the site’s public StarShips page (so that others can create games using your ship), and appear in the StarShip Design Committee’s Voting Booth.

When you have a Protoype under evaluation, you can track the progress of the voting by pressing the VOTING BOOTH button:

If your StarShip is approved by the SSDC, then it will leave your Space Dock, and join the Fleet (freeing-up a Prototype Bay for another StarShip).

A StarShip can be deleted from your Prototype Docking Bay (and the EyePlay Games server) by pressing DELETE button when the ship is visible in your StarShip viewer.