Robo Runner maintains statistics on each player which are used to recognize player performance in two basic ways, Bot Awards and Ranks. Bot Awards are given every month for performance in specific categories during the previous month. Ranks refer to a bot’s performance since its inception. There is hierarchical structure here: statistics lead to Awards, which in turn determines Rank.

This document describes the statistics used, defines the requirements for both winning Awards and promotions in Rank, and explains the Robo Ranks scoring system.

My Ranks

Statistics are maintained for each player over multiple variables. You can view your statistics by clicking on the My Ranks button in My Room (once there, you can use the Search field to view the statistics of other players as well). Use the Span buttons to change the span of the statistics period: Award Span or Life Span.

Full documentation of the statistics is currently under development.

Bot Awards

Every month, awards are presented to players based on their performance during the previous month on the various measures explained just above. To qualify for an award, players must be a member (standard or elite) AND play a minimum of 10 games during the month.

These awards can be viewed in the Robo Ranks by clicking the Robo Ranks link found at the top of most pages. Clicking on a the icon of a particular Award pulls up a list of the top 50 players for that award Click on any name to view the statistics page for that bot.

The Robo Ranks display the winners from the previous month. To view progress on the current month’s rankings, click on the Front Runners button. Note that due to the prerequisites for awards (see above), statistics will not appear in the Front Runners page in a given month until a member has played ten games or more.

Full documentation of the Bot Awards is currently under development.

Special Bot Awards

While most awards are granded automatically once a month, there are some special awards which are only granted under special circumstances.

These awards are as follows:

A winner of a Robo Runner Rumble Tournament

Player Ranks

The meaning of Rank is currently under evaluation.