My Room and Game Room

There are two important rooms discussed in this section: My Room and Game Room. You will be using these pages as your primary interface to EyePlay Games.

These rooms have a similar layout, but their function is different.

The Game Room is where you go to join games that other players have created, while My Room is how you access and manage all the games that you are currently involved in.

Both rooms have News and Robos Online sections at the top of the page.

The News section keeps you informed on what is going on at EyePlay Games, including: interface changes, policy changes, and words from the helm.

The Robos Online section displays the number of players online, who they are, and what their membership level is. The membership level is displayed using the following colors:

Black = Guest
Blue = Standard Member
Red = Elite Member

To learn more about membership levels, visit The Membership Page.

Below the Robos Online section is a list of games and their status.

EyePlay Games offers three games, and the type of game can be identified using the following icons:

Robo Runner
Robo Arena
Robo Recon

When you join or create a game it gets listed in My Room.

My Room is password protected. When you enter it for the first time you will be asked your username and password. The security dialog box is case sensitive, so make sure your username and password use capital letters where appropriate (as defined at the time of registration).

When you’re in My Room you can see the folowing information:

  • Game type
  • Activity status
  • Date of last move
  • Game name
  • Player Robo Names
  • Progress indication bar
  • Deletion button

To play a game that you are involved in, click on the game name of interest.

If your Robo Name is Orange, then the game is waiting for your move. If your Robo Name is Black, then you’ve already played your hand, and you’re waiting for other players to make their move.

Each game has a game activity status light next to it. The meaning of the status light colors are as follows:

A hand was played in the past 5 minutes
A hand was played in the past 5-15 minutes
A hand has not been played in the past 15 minutes
A hand has not been played in the past 8 days, or the game is over
The game is inactive, waiting for players to join

The green Progress Bar shows you the progress of the game (determined by the number of inspection points reached).

Use the logout button  to logout of your games when they are over. When all players have logged out of a game, the game is ended and removed from the server.

If you logout of a game that isn’t over, you are allowing the other players to continue playing without you. You cannot rejoin the game later.