New players should begin by playing the Robo Runner Training Missions.

Training missions are short single player games, which are designed to show you how to: control your robot, interact with the many elements found on the hull of a StarShip, and complete a game.

Game creation is automated for training missions to get you started quickly. Once you get the hang of the game mechanics, you can create a game using the Game Creator.

Selecting a StarShip

The game creation process begins with StarShip selection. A StarShip defines the game type (Robo RunnerRobo Arena, or Robo Recon), and the playing field. There are hundreds of StarShips to choose from, ranging in complexity.

To see the complete list of StarShips, click on the StarShips button located at the top of most pages.

Once at the StarShips page, select a StarShip so that it is visible in the StarShip Monitor, and then press the Create button below it. This will bring you to the Game Creator.

To learn more about StarShips, Click here.

Game Creator

Once you have selected a StarShip, you are brought to the Game Creator, where you will define additional game parameters, including:

  • Game Name
  • Players
  • Number of Lives
  • Hull Damage (Robo Runner Only)
  • Scanners
  • Optional Equipment (Robo Runner & Arena Only)
  • Joiners
  • Real Time Launch Window

Game names are used to easily distinguish your game from the other ongoing games in the Game Room.

StarShips define the terrain used for game play. There are several StarShips in the Robo Runner fleet.

Optional equipment allows you enhance the weaponry of each players robot. If enabled, game creation equips each player’s robot with one option at random. Options include: twin lasers, nitro tanks, repulsors, shields. For more information on the function of optional equipment, see the rules page.

Lives are initially set to three, but may be increased or decreased at game creation time.

Hull Damage selector allows you to choose whether you want to serve on a StarShip with or without Hull Damage. If the ship has Hull Damage, then the damage must be fixed with the robots laser welder before it can be inspected. If the ship doesn’t have hull damage, then no repairs are required, and the mission objective is simplified to hull inspections only.

Scanners are artificially intelligent robos, which scan the factory floor for debris. They have no interest in competing but they are armed and dangerous and can be quite deadly if you get in their way. The scanner selector allows you to choose the number of scanners which are present in the game. The default is two.

Player assignment is done at game creation time, and is accomplished by using the text boxes next to each robot image.

To assign a robot to a player, simply type the Roboname of the player in the box to the right of the desired robot image. Repeat this for each player.

You can define from one to seven players. First timer’s should start with a single player game to become familiar with the various StarShip elements, and programming mechanics.

Only choose those players who are expected to play your game. Do not choose a player that you do not know, as there is no guarantee that they will play your game.

Most game creators do not select specific opponents. Instead, they allow random players to join their games (see below).

Allow Joiners opens your game to random opponents. This is typically how games are created. If you would like to allow others to join your game, change the Allow Joiners value from zero to the desired number of joiners. Join Games are displayed in the Game Room, notifying players that it has openings. Once all player openings are filled, the game will begin.

Real Time Launch Window is a members only feature, which allows members to create real time games. When players join a real time game, they are committing to playing the game in one session, in real time. When this option is selected, you define when you want the game to begin. If all player slots have filled within that time period, then the games begins. Otherwise, the game is instantly deleted from the server.

Be Patient

Robo Runner games are not necessarilly one session games. They may span hours, days, or even weeks. Please be patient when playing with people that you do not know, as Robo Runner players are from all over the world, in many different time zones. While you’re awake playing your hand, your opponents may be asleep.

It is not uncommon for players to make one move a day.