EyePlay Games went online in April of 2001.

Our mission was to create a web site where anyone with a web browser could play games online… anywhere, anytime. The games were not to be ordinary. They were to be unique strategic multiplayer games, engaging the thinking world with a fun mental challenge.

Further, people who want to play but don’t necessarily have a lot of time to play were not to be excluded, as busy people deserve fun time too. Therefore, the games were to be turn-based, allowing for real-time play, but not requiring it. A single game could last several minutes or several weeks, depending on the play schedule of people involved.

With these goals, EyePlay Games was born, introducing Robo Runner as its first web-based multiplayer strategy game. The trend continued with the addition of Robo Arena and Robo Recon.

We are always introducing new ways to get EyePlayers immersed in their games. StarShip Builder lets members create and play on their own game boards, while using their Space Dock to manage them. The Robo Ranks track member performance, and awards are granted to the top members each month. The Xpak can be used to accelerate game play on your computer.

Being the creator of the site, I’m proud to say that we have stayed true to our mission, and as a result a unique community of gamers has evolved. There are many ways to have fun here, and I hope you take the time to explore the world of EyePlay Games.

See you in the Game Room!

– Joe CaraDonna (aka, JoeBot)